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The Skinfinite philosophy centers around the prevention of aging factors and the reversal of existing skin damage.

The Skinfinite cosmeceutical skin care collection is a group of physician-prescribed proprietary formulations, in a remarkably simple-to-use protocol, guaranteed to dramatically improve the skin’s appearance within weeks. Skinfinite anti aging skin care products have been designed using evidence-based science and bio-technology without any animal testing. They contain the highest levels of active ingredients researched for potency and results…while minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

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  • truth_in_aging

    Skinfinite Platinum 30spf- reader reviewed and recommended

    Oct 13, 2013  |  Blog, Home  

    It is essential for my sunscreen to have antioxidants and plenty of them. Sun protection actives can break down and cause free radical damage, so much as we need their UV protection, we also need to counterbalance with ingredients that help protect our cells – hence the antioxidants that are packed into Skinfinite Platinum 30spf (1.7 […]

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  • micro-derma_end_large

    Skinfinite Micro Derma Scrub- reader reviewed and recommended

    Sep 05, 2012  |  Blog, Home  

    I was very happy to be selected to receive a jar of Skinfinite Micro Derma Scrub ($35 in the TIA shop) for review from the wonderful team at Truth in Aging. Before I get into describing the product, I’d like to start by describing my skin because my skin has a myriad of issues and I’m always […]

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  • pm

    Skinfinite Product Reviews On

    Aug 27, 2012  |  Blog, Home  

    Marta Wohrle from has written a wonderful review of Skinfinite’s Platinum PM 1% Retinol Night Cream on “Even though we’re saying goodbye to summer, don’t forget that your skin still needs to be protected against sun damage even when it’s autumn. It may look overcast and gloomy outside, but there are still free radicals […]

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  • truth_in_aging

    Skinfinite LOL Eye Serum- reader reviewed and recommended

    Apr 26, 2012  |  Blog, Home  

    Although much can be said and written about a product and how it performs, perhaps the real evidence of whether or not it works is to answer the question: Would you purchase it again? After six weeks, I am nearing the end of my bottle of Skinfinite LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Eye Serum (.5oz/$45) and […]

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